Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Warriewood Wetlands

Warriewood Wetlands – 188 species

At 26 hectares, Warriewood Wetland is the largest remaining sand plain wetland in the northern Sydney area.  It provides a variety of habitats for native animals and also plays a vital role in flood mitigation, nutrient recycling and filtering sediments. The wetlands contain several Endangered Ecological Communities.

The 2.4km walkway network provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the natural attributes of the wetlands and gives bird watchers greater access to enjoy their passion. 

The wetlands are popular with Sydney's birdwatching community, particularly in autumn when the swamp mahogany trees are in flower. Over 180 bird species have been recorded.

Good for ducks, egrets, spoonbill, honeyeaters, grebe, fairywrens, miners, whipbirds, lorikeets, goshawks, kingfisher, brushturkey.

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