Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birds seen on the northern beaches

Potential birds seen on the northern beaches

The area is home or visited by approximately 300 different species. This is about 40% of Australia’s bird species.


Dee Why Lagoon

Eastern Great Egret, Little Egret, Black Swan, Australia Pelican, Pacific Black Duck, Chestnut Teal, Grey Teal, Hardhead, Eurasian Coot, Australian Swamphen, Silver Gull, Caspian Tern, Cormorants, Osprey, Peregrine, Corella, Lorikeets, Yellow Thornbill, Whipbird, Grey Butcherbird, Olive-backed Oriole, Welcome Swallow, Tawny Grassbird, Red-browed Firetail


Long Reef Golf Course

Cormorants, Magpie, Hardhead, Australian Swamphen, Maned Duck, Masked Lapwing, Australian Pipit, Black-Shouldered Kite, Nankeen Kestrel, Little Wattlebird, Superb Fairy-wren, New Holland Honeyeater


Long Reef Aquatic Reserve

Cormorants, Red-necked Stint, Ruddy Turnstone, Sooty Oystercatcher, Grey-tailed Tattler, Pacific Golden Plover, Shearwater, Petrels, Albatross, Osprey, White-bellied Sea-Eagle


Warriewood Wetlands

Ducks, Teal, Cormorants, Rails and Crakes, Egrets and Herons, Goshawk, Cockatoos, Honeyeaters, Whipbirds, Australian Brush-Turkey, Brown Gerygone



Goshawk, Powerful Owl, Kingfisher, Dollarbird, Cockatoo, Honeyeater, Pardalotes, Scrubwren, Thornbill, Golden Whistler, Grey Fantail, Eastern Yellow Robin, Superb Lyrebird


Chiltern Trail

Kookaburra, Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo, Honeyeaters, Wattlebirds, Silvereye, Eastern Spinebill, Mistletoebird